How to choose the right charcoal for your BBQ: a comprehensive guide

How to choose the right charcoal for your BBQ: a comprehensive guide

How to choose the right charcoal for your BBQ: a comprehensive guide

May 21, 2024

May 21, 2024

May 21, 2024

Have you ever organized a Sunday BBQ with excitement only to have it fall flat due to poor-quality charcoal? We all know how important charcoal is for a successful grill, and that's why Falelakis brings you the ultimate guide to always choosing the right one!

Charcoal grilling is an integral part of Greek culture and tradition, bringing people together around the fire and creating unforgettable moments filled with flavors. However, choosing the right charcoal is essential to achieve flawless grilling and elevate the experience of your grilled creations.

What are your options?

At Falelakis, two main varieties of charcoal are available:

Charcoal Queen Natural Wood Charcoal:

In two series, Nina and Hakan, to meet every need.

Nina Series: Ideal for small gatherings, with quick ignition, high temperature, and consistent performance throughout the grilling process.

Hakan Series: Made from hardwood, ideal for rotisserie, slow-cooking, and smoking, offering a stable temperature over a long period.

Sawdust BBQ Spark Charcoal Briquettes:

Made from compressed wood sawdust, Sawdust BBQ Spark briquettes offer:

  • Uniform combustion for long-lasting grilling.

  • Stable temperature for an extended period.

  • Minimal ash for easy cleaning.

Charcoal or Briquette Choice?
  • Direct Grilling: For quick grilling at high temperatures, choose Charcoal Queen Nina series charcoal.

  • Slow Grilling: For slow grilling at low temperatures, choose Charcoal Queen Hakan series charcoal or Sawdust BBQ Spark briquettes.

  • Adding Flavor: If you want that authentic "tsickna" (grilled meat with smoky flavor), natural wood charcoal is the best choice.

Tips for Flawless Grilling:
  • Use high-quality charcoal from reputable companies like Falelakis.

  • Let the charcoal light well until covered with white ash before starting grilling.

  • Don't start grilling initially when the charcoal is too hot. Let it "sit" for a while to prevent the food from seizing up.

  • Each type of meat cooks differently. In general, it's a good idea to turn your food frequently and let it "cook" in its own juices. This way, you'll achieve a beautiful caramelized color and perfect texture.

  • Clean your grill before and after each use. Always keep a sufficient amount of ash, which may be useful for adjusting the temperature in a future grilling session.

Get High-Quality Falelakis Charcoal!

At Falelakis, we offer only professional-grade products. Visit our store or to learn more and purchase high-quality Charcoal Queen charcoal and Sawdust BBQ Spark briquettes.

With the right charcoal and a few simple tips, you can enjoy a perfect BBQ every time!

Bon Appetit!