The ultimate guide to grilling with charcoal by Falelakis!

The ultimate guide to grilling with charcoal by Falelakis!

The ultimate guide to grilling with charcoal by Falelakis!

October 17, 2023

October 17, 2023

October 17, 2023

The Ultimate Guide to Charcoal Grilling with Falelakis!

Hello BBQ lovers! If you've landed here, chances are you're just as passionate about charcoal grilling as we are. And guess what? We have some hot tips from some of the biggest names in the barbecue world, all served to you with the warm, smoky embrace of Falelakis Charcoals.

Immerse Yourself in the World of Charcoal Grilling!

Grilling on charcoal is an art, my friends! Whether you have a fantastic ceramic grill or a classic metal one, they all have a welcoming spot for burning charcoal or briquettes. Place your food on the grill and let the magic happen. But it's not just about throwing some meat on and hoping for the best - there's science to it!

1. Arm Yourself with the Right Tools

A charcoal chimney, grill gloves, spatulas, and tongs for both charcoal and grilling. Of course, a meat thermometer for those seeking something extra. Only with Falelakis Charcoal, of course!

2. Say No to Artificial Fire Starters

Avoid using any artificial or petroleum-based fire starters to light your charcoal, as this can leave unwanted odors. Instead, opt for natural firelighters made from pine or common household materials, such as a little cotton or a generous piece of kitchen paper soaked in oil. Also, don't waste time with lighters and blowers. Shape your charcoal into a hut and start the fire from the center.

3. Patience Is a Virtue

The BBQ Master advises: "Start your BBQ from igniting the fire.
Don't rush to distribute the charcoal and place the meat immediately.

Let the charcoal ignite well, turn all white, and ash over, so to speak.
Remember, it's very important not to cook on charcoal that is still black. 🍖🔥

4. Clean Your Grills

Before each barbecue, let your grills burn well in the fire and then clean them with a brush to remove any residues from previous sessions. Ideally, at the end, cut a lemon in half and rub the grill well with its inner side.

5. No More Sticky Situations

Prefer stainless steel or cast iron non-stick grills. Also, don't be afraid to grease them sufficiently with pure virgin olive oil, especially when it comes to fish.

6. The Art of Meat

The BBQ Master insists: Different meats, different methods!
Experiment with new marinades, new recipes, and try new meat cuts. Enjoy dishes you've never tried before. Light your fire with good company and allow the atmosphere to inspire you.

7. Get a Grill Thermometer

For fans of large meat pieces, such as beef, a thermometer changes the whole game. You no longer need to guess or risk the meat being undercooked. Become the master of the grill with this simple tool!

8. Smoky Flavor? Yes, Please!

Falelakis charcoal ignites easily and quickly and gives your food exactly what it needs. An additional way to enhance the flavor of your meat is to add some natural wood, such as olive, oak, or beech, on top of the hot charcoal for a perfect smoky taste.

9. Let Your Meat Rest (After Grilling on the Grill)

The final advice from the BBQ Master: After grilling on the grill, give your meat a break. Let it rest, and it will reward you with juiciness and flavor.

Here you go, our beloved BBQ enthusiasts! With Falelakis Charcoal and these expert tips, you are on your way to become a BBQ legend, and who knows, maybe the next Falelakis BBQ Master! Happy grilling! 🍖🔥

10. Safety First

After finishing your BBQ, handle the ashes and your charcoal with care. If you're using a closed grill, you can close the lid and cut off the air supply, extinguishing the fire. Don't forget that Falelakis charcoal is of exceptional quality and you can reuse it next time.

If you're using an open grill, carefully cover all the charcoal with ash and check it regularly until the fire is completely extinguished.